Tupelo Music Hall WRJ hosts 1st Open Mic

Matt Protas performs at Tupelo Music Hall Open Mic

More than 25 musicians and friends made history February 7 at Tupelo Music Hall’s 1st Open Mic in White River Junction. Musicianship was at a high level and the Tupelo Sound Stage turned out to be everything that we imagined — and more. Special thanks to Doug Phoenix and Zach for their expertise and assistance setting up the stage for each of the 16 acts including Rob Oxford, Ed Germon, Lucky Silva, Tony Mason, Senayit, Dale Reynolds, John Cucchi, Gary Skillings, Gary Hutchins, Mike Gareau, Timothy Gurshin, Greg Gage, Carl & Carolyn Beverly, Katheryne Kyst Sharp, Walker Gardiner, Dwayne Benjamin, and Matt Protas. The Open Mics will happen the 1st Thursday of each month and are hosted by Dave Clark of Yellow House Media. Open Mic registration begins at 6pm. First come – first serve. Limit two songs per performer. Admission $5 Music starts at 7pm. At 8:30 a featured band will perform a 30 minute set.

The next Tupelo Open Mic will be Thursday March 7 featuring Still More Cats. Rob Oxford will fill in as a host for Dave Clark for the March 7 Open Mic.

Two New Open Mics


I will be hosting an Open Mic with a featured band at Tupelo Music Hall the first Thursday of each month beginning February 7. This Thursday night the featured band is Sweetgrass. Thursday, March 7, the featured band will be Still More Cats featuring Anne Maplebeck, Peter Neri and Michael Barsanti. Thursday, April 4 Spencer Lewis will feature a new set with vocals and maybe new work with his partner on piano.   This is your chance to play on one of the best sound stages in the northeast! All local musicians are encouraged to bring your instruments and participate in the Open Mic at Tupelo Music Hall the First Thursday of each month.

I have also been asked to will be host an Acoustic Showcase at Canoe Club every Sunday beginning February 10 at 8pm.  The events are designed to be participatory and will include Songwriter Nights, Pickin’ Partys, and Singalongs. The debut of the Acoustic Showcase will be a Songwriter’s Night featuring Brooks Hubbard. Don’t miss this extraordinary talent! If you are a songwriter, bring your best tunes and play them in front of an appreciative audience! February 17 Rob Oxford and others will entertain with songs you can singalong. Come warmed up and ready to sing! Sunday, February 24 Sweetgrass will play a bluegrass set followed by a pickin’ party! Bring your fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro spoons – what have you.  I’m looking forward to the magic!